sue upton makeup designer

I'm here in Calgary, and it's the day before we go to camera to start shooting the pilot.  We're in pretty good shape, as we've managed to camera test 5 of our 6 lead characters - and it's all looking pretty encouraging.  I have to say I'm really looking forward to this one:  Gavin is so fun to work with, and this kind of feels like a 10 year reunion of the old Gavin Crawford show - and what's not to like about that?!
The interesting thing leading up to getting our characters together for this shoot has come out of the camera tests.  After our very first camera test of Jess Jones' character months earlier, we thought it might be interesting to have some prosthetic cheeks made for Gavin to help sell Jess as being heavier and a little softer in the face.  The pieces were beautifully designed and made by Louise and Ray Macintosh of Caligari studios...and we subsequently tested with the prosthetic pieces.  What became a bit alarming was the fact that our RedCam picked up color discrepancies that weren't even visible to the naked I suddenly was finding myself second guessing color choices and having to color the pieces to a disturbingly pink shade for it to look "right" on the monitor (though it looked quite wrong to the naked eye).  Though Gavin and I loved the overall effect, we opted to do yet another camera test with the pieces...because some of the other issues we knew we'd be dealing with was going to involve shooting in both hard daylight, and interior I wanted to try to create the most seamless application possible...but of course, that takes a bit of time.
We compared Jess' look with and without prosthetic - and though Gavin and I desperately wanted to make the prosthetics work for the shoot - we had to resign ourselves to the fact that our shoot schedule was so tight and didn't allow for time or the ability to control lighting, etc...that it didn't make sense in this instance to throw prosthetics into the mix given our "guerilla" shoot schedule.
Here's the comparison of with and without prosthetics:
Ultimately, we couldn't justify the extra number of hours required for the it's looking like we'll go with my "painted" rendition of Jess' face.  FYI - our Jess character sports a lovely muffin top (out of camera range), that mixes the look up a bit too.
I was always a huge fan of SCTV - in fact, it was the work of Bev Schectman and Judi Cooper Sealy that inspired me to pursue a career in makeup.   So, needless to say, it was a huge honor to be asked to work on Martin Short's upcoming comedy special to create both "classic" and "new" characters.  Martin Short is an amazing talent and a huge treat to work with - an incredible pro with energy beyond anything I've ever seen.  It amazes me how he morphs into these characters and brings a comedic reality to each of them - I don't know when the show will air or exactly when - but I'll post that info at a later time when I find out.
some of the fun characters in Martin's upcoming tv special